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Batteries Replacement Services

Battery Health Checkup…

Avoid unexpected breakdowns and unwanted repair bills by checking the health and condition of your car's battery. Batteries are more susceptible to failure, so a few simple checks can help make sure it's performing at its best.

Testing a battery can reveal when your battery needs to be replaced and help you avoid embarrassing breakdowns.

If battery jump start is required post checkup it will be done by our doorstep technician right then. It will cost you an additional Rs.500. If battery needs replacement our technicians will share the most cost effective quote for Battery. Battery will be replaced at your doorstep with no installation fees.

Battery Replacement…

Battery is the lifeline of any car. Without a battery, your car simply isn't functional. One of the most inconvenient things in life is when your car battery suddenly dies unexpectedly! This can delay you to work or make you miss an important appointment!

It is one of the components that inevitably needs to be replaced every 4 or 5 years or so.

However, depending on your driving habits, some car batteries may last a much shorter or longer period of time. The battery lasts longer if the vehicle is driven daily and the battery is kept fully charged. When the vehicle is parked for extended periods of time, the battery deteriorates sooner.

What is included ?
  • Battery Terminals Are Cleaned
  • Level Of The Electrolyte Is Checked
  • The Condition And Charge Of The Battery Is Checked
  • Battery Terminals Are Disconnected
  • Battery Terminals Are Connected
  • Final Inspection Is Done
When is it needed ?
  • Dashboard lights and warnings
  • Loss of charge
  • Problem starting the car
  • 3 years plus age of your battery